The organizers compile the book of selected papers, which will be published by St.Petersburg University Press in 2025. Those participants, who are eager to see their papers included, please, send the full text to by August 1, 2024. The papers will be peer reviewed. The decision on selection will be announced by September 15, 2024. The selected papers will be translated into Russian language by the conference organizers.

The paper should include the main text (15000-30 000 symbols in English or Russian), abstract in English (500-1000 symbols), 5 key words.  Bibliographical references should be at the end of the paper in order of appearance. Comments should be put to footnotes with continuous numeration. The text reference to bibliography is made as [3, p. 46].

Example of bibliography:

  1. Li Xulan, Yue Wei. “Liao Zhai zhi yi” Translations in Russia and the Influence of Alexeyev’s Translations // Pu Songling yanjiu, 2008, no. 3. P. 26–33. (In Chinese)
  2. Alexeyev V.M. Chinese Folk Painting. Moscow, Nauka Publ., 1966. (In Russian)
  3. McMahon K. Polygamy and Sublime Passion: Sexuality in China on the Verge of Modernity. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2010.
  4. Ji Yunlu. A Research on the Origin of Narrative Technique in “Liao Zhai zhi yi”. Hefei: Huangshan shushe, 2011. (In Chinese)
  5. Williams E.Т. Witchcraft in the Chinese Penal Code // Journal of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 1907. Vol. 38. P. 61–96.
  6. Neklyudov S.Yu. Images of the Otherworld in Folk Beliefs and Traditional Literature // Eastern Demonology. From Popular Beliefs to Literature. Moscow: Nasledie Publ., 1998. P. 6–43. (In Russian)
  7. Zhou Dunyi. Collected works of Zhou Dunyi. URL: (accessed: 30.07.2020). (In Chinese)