International Conference
“Issues of Far Eastern Literatures”

The conference was launched in 2004 under proposal of Prof., Dr.Sc. Yevgeniy A. Serebryakov (1928-2013). It has filled the communication vacuum, caused by disappearance of such scientific forum as “Theoretical and Practical Issues in the Study of Far Eastern Literatures”, which had been regularly held in 1960-1980s by Leningrad University and Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

IFEL is convened biannually in St. Petersburg by the Faculty of Asian and African Studies, St. Petersburg University in cooperation with leading foreign universities or organizations. Since 2004 among our partners were Wuhan University, Fudan University, International Guo Moruo Academy, Guo Moruo Museum of CASS, Society of Lao She Studies. The conference is supported by the Headquarters of Confucius Institute and Russian Fund for Humanities.

At present IFEL conference is the biggest European and Post-Soviet academic platform, dedicated to the study of East Asian and South East Asian literatures. The conference features a very high level of internationalism – usually there are around 100 participants from 12-15 countries (e.g. Russia, Ukraine, China, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Japan, Korea, etc.). We feel proud that such famous scholars as Acad. Boris Riftin, Acad. Vladimir Myasnikov, Prof. Marian Galik, Prof. Lev Menshikov, Prof. Park Jae Woo, Prof. Nikolay Speshnev, Prof. Chen Shangjun, Prof. Vladislav Sorokin, Prof. Raoul Findeisen, Prof. Chen Guoen, Prof. Wendy Larson, Prof. Tatyana Breslavets, Prof. Yang Jianlong, Prof. Jon Kowallis along with many other colleagues took part in IFEL.

The languages of the conference are Russian, English and Chinese.

Prior to the time of the conference the Publishing House of St.Petersburg University publishes a book of papers in 2-3 volumes, which is an official edition.